Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My Hair Inspiration for 2014...

Lovelies! So I told you, I'll be back and I will be writing more regularly since all of the holiday craziness has died down----finally! I hope the New Year has kept all my dolls well. Are any of you still holding on to your New Year's resolutions? I know for many, New Year's is a time to embrace change and work on a better self. Though I believe one focus on creating a new mindset at anytime of the year- it's still fun to venture out and start the year off fresh, and what better way to begin 2014 with a hot new hair style? 

Many of you know I cut my hair super short last year (check that blog post here) and I went a little lighter. I went through 2013 rocking a shoulder length dark brown look. Well around winter, I got tired of that look and decided to go a bit daring... off I went seeking some inspiration from some of the most glam chicas I know. 


Adrienne Bailon - "My friend in my head" is at her most gorgeous with this chic bob. What I love the best about it, is the gradual blond hair tone she has. It looks so effortless that after I had dyed my hair I wished it would grow out quicker so I could rock my dark roots with fabulosity! 

Image Pinterest - Nazanin Mandi

Nazanin Mandi - OMG if you aren't following this diva on Instagram, I'm telling you do so now! She is one of the fiercest models in the game right now and is also the singer - Miguel's- girlfriend. She rocks this year's hottest hairstyle with a twist, wearing it usually curled adding pure sensuality to the look. 


Beyonce - Well, Beyonce can pull off any hairstyle with such grace that she can add "Hair Chameleon" to her long list of qualities that make her such a fashion icon. Her short blond bob look is my favorite, and seeing her show up to this year's Grammy rocking her "short hair, don't care" swag made me love my 2014 style more. 

And well, keeping all those looks in mind- I had decided to go a bit blonder and shorter- 


Okay, not much of a reveal if you follow me on Instagram- but now you understand the method behind my style madness!

I'm loving the look right now and short hair is getting so much love for 2014! Have any of you decided on going shorter for the New Year? How about trying a different look? I'd love to hear what my readers are trying out! 

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